DEC boards at recycler

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Wed Jul 13 19:49:29 CDT 2016

    > From: Jules Richardson

    > I just told the guy to hold off on execution and I'm going back in next
    > week with a view to just buying everything

Good call. Most of those cards are worth something to someone. (E.g. I'd be
interested in the CPU's, the RLV12s, the DLV11-Js, and the M8067s - which are
MSV11-Ps. But I'll let others grab them all first, they'd only be extra
spares, for me.)

They usually sell for $30-$100+ (for the rarer ones, like the M8190 - that's
the KDJ11-B, used in both the 11/83 and 11/84). If either the M8190 or the
M8192 has the optional FPU chip, the FPJ11, that is worth big dineros. 

The only exception is the M8044 - those are pretty low-value (I use them only
as test boards for working on broken systems), since they are Q18 _only_, and
can't be mixed with Q22 boards. So maybe $10 each, for those.


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