DEC boards at recycler

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Wed Jul 13 16:56:16 CDT 2016

I found various DEC (Qbus?) boards at my local tame recycler earlier. 
They're scheduled for preprocessing this evening (e.g. ceramic ICs pulled 
and diverted into different pile due to higher gold content), but I may be 
able to get them a stay of execution (as of now I've got about 2 hours in 
which to let him know before I'm awol for a family event).

Anything below strike anyone as being worth saving (vs. common as dirt 
serial interfaces etc.)? I'm not sure at the moment if I can rescue the lot...

M8061 x 2
M8044 x 2
M8043 x 2
M8067 x 2

In addition to those, a board branded Dilog CQ1610, another marked PXX-2 
with four SC44077P ics in the center, and a memory board marked 980110014 
containing 128 mmc3764 RAM ics. Also several Emulex boards which didn't 
contain anything that was obviously a part number (from memory a couple 
that were "full width" and three that were "half width") - I'm guessing 
they're probably tape controllers, but they might be hard disk.

Working status unknown, but cosmetically they looked good. It sounds like 
the previous owner had complete machines which he split and scrapped at 
some point in the past, and this box of boards had sat around in his garage 



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