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On 12 July 2016 at 18:10, Swift Griggs <swiftgriggs at> wrote:
> Bizzaro-world. It's like Executor on steriods
> ( . I never knew
> that there was such a beast. I couldn't even find a screenshot. I wanted
> to see how the blend of MacOS and MOTIF looked (that's going to be an ugly
> baby, but I wanted to see it anyway).

I vaguely recall seeing some in a mag at the time. It looked a bit
like Mac apps running on CDE, if I remember correctly. The in-window
menus were weird (for a Mac) and made it look more Windows-like.

Of course, today, GNUstep is something very broadly akin to this, and
almost nobody pays any attention to it. :-( There have been a couple
of LiveCDs, never updated, and TTBOMK nobody has ever produced a
GNUstep-based Linux distro.

> Hehe, I like the summary on
> " If anything, NuTek proved that uncontrolled 'cloning' of the Macintosh
> would result in the same type of compatibility problems familiar to the
> Wintel world. "
> No doubt! That rarely ends well. Emulation is a tough gig. Ask the ReactOS
> team, the WINE & CrossOver guys, or the half dozen MS Exchange clones that
> try to keep up with MAPI. The put a lot of honest effort into it, and the
> results are still... meh.

I've always suspect that, if by some massive effort, ReactOS succeeded
and produced something that was usefully stable and could run Windows
apps usefully, Microsoft's attack lawyers would *vaporize* it leaving
nothing but a smoking stain on the ground.

Saying that, I'm amazed at how well WINE works these days. On the
machine I'm typing on (an elderly Thinkpad X200 running 64-bit
Ubuntu), MS Word 97 is my go-to wordprocessor. It's considerably
faster than the latest LibreOffice running natively, and it has never
ever crashed on me on this machine.

I've been occasionally using this combo for years and it wasn't this
stable before.

Genuinely impressive.

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