Reproduction micros

Swift Griggs swiftgriggs at
Tue Jul 12 11:02:08 CDT 2016

I'm probably dreaming, but is anyone aware of DIY efforts or business 
ventures aiming to reproduce a classic micro or "next-gen" classic micro? 
I have seen a lot of efforts, but only one quite like that (the Altair 680 
project nails it). I'm just thinking that with 3D printers and FPGA 
hardware emulation it's probably not as hard as it once was.

Here are some similar efforts I'm already aware of. 

Project BreadBox (dead)

The truly kick ass MIST. A nice clone of several systems implemented in 
FPGA, but design wise, it's a shabby little metal box. I have one and I 
think it really rocks. I just wish there were more cases and accessories.

The Firebee ST clone project

The C64 Joystick clone used to sell PeeCee C64 and Amiga look-a-like clones
dead link:

The C-One. A FPGA board to emulate the C64, again no case.

The awesome Altair 680 kit that appears to be a very complete clone of the 
system. It comes with a case et al.

A bunch of PDP-X replicas in FPGAs with various degrees of usefulness

These guys are trying to build a NEW Amiga with backward compatibility. 
Sounds like a wonderful project. They seem to be pretty far along with 
many prototype boards built. FPGA guts with a real 060' for CPU! They 
never seem to have made boards for sale, though, and there was no effort 
toward a complete system design (case, keyboards, etc...). The last noise 
they made seems to be in 2007.

For consoles there are plenty of clones:

Then there is the Cray1 remake


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