IBM 360/30 in verilog

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> > Jon said:
> > > LOTS of model /40s were sold in the US.  EVERY one had its own set
> > > of ALDs, with the serial number of the CPU on them.
> > > They not only recorded the general info for the model, but they had
> > > specific changes to reflect the exact configuration of THAT machine.
> >
> > I didn't know that every machine came with a set of ALDs but you are
> > right that a lot of /40's were sold stateside. My dad was re-posted
> > directly from Hursley to Poughkeepsie in '65 which I was where some
> > (or
> > all?) the /40s were assembled.
> > One of the IBM Journals (75 years?) has a large colour photo of a row
> > of 40s on the final assembly floor at Poughkeepsie, everyone in it
> > striking that characteristic 60s/70s IBM-photo-pose, eg. someone
> > leaning over a table, another reaching for a console knob, one
> > changing a tape and at least two people earnestly discussing a printout.
> Most weren't sold, but leased. The ALDs would be used by the IBM CE, not
> the customers themselves. I don't know if machines that were sold rather
> than leased came with ALDs or if IBM kept these, I suspect the latter to be
> the case.

I would actually expect IBM to supply the ALD's with a machine when bought. Under anti-trust legislation they had to supply enough information for a third party to maintain the machine. I am pretty sure the ALD's for the 7090 formerly at GCHQ (UK Snooping agency) latterly at Manchester University Medical School went to the National Museum of Computing when Dr. Clarke died..

this machine was maintained by Ferranti so I assume they had the ALD's..


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