IBM 360/30 in verilog

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Mon Jul 11 20:15:31 CDT 2016

On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 10:36 AM,  <steven at> wrote:
> Al said:
>> On 7/11/16 9:14 AM, Jon Elson wrote:
>>> The microcode was in the ALD drawings, and might even be in bitsavers archive, if they have the right manual.
>> 360 CPU ALDs are extremely difficult to find.
>> If the 65 set could be scanned, I'd be happy to upload them to bitsavers.
> Indeed they must be. I've been looking for /40 ALDs for some time but haven't struck any. I wonder if they're
> scarce becase the 40 was a AFAIK a british-developed 360. My dad was posted to Hursley to learn the /40 in 64-65.
> The only Model 40 docs I have left are less than a dozen pages of 'IBM SYSTEM/360 MODEL 40 DEVELOPMENT MANUAL'
> from March 1965 from 'IBM BRITISH LABORATORIES'.
> Why do I have these? Dad used to bring home Model 40 binders in the late 60s so my brother and I had a good
> supply of paper to scribble and paint on as kids. All the pages I have left have drawings on the blank side
> and that was why my parents kept them :)
> Steve.

I have some 360 ALDs - and I think they may include 40. About to go on
holiday with kids; ping me from time to time and I'll check!

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