Connectors: Both contact surfaces must also be the same material?

Sun Jul 10 20:50:32 CDT 2016

right on!
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On  07/10/2016 01:58 PM, Al Kossow wrote:
> On 7/10/16 1:14 AM, Paul  Birkel wrote:
>> Almost every DEC System Unit ("backplane")  that I've ever seen uses
>> tinned-contacts, yet the Modules all use  gold-plated fingers.
> I'm not near one right now, but there  should be gold plating on the 
finger in the DEC
> connector block at the  point of contact with the pcb edge connector. 
It's easier to
> see on  the VAX era blocks.
Absolutely.  The WW pins were  tinned, but there was 
selective gold plating on the card edge contact  fingers.
It would take a strong light and magnifier to see it down  
inside the connector, but you can rest assured the contact 
was  gold-gold.


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