TV Typewriter reproduction

Brad H vintagecomputer at
Sun Jul 10 16:56:56 CDT 2016

Hey guys,


Getting closer to the 'construction' phase of my TVT replica.  I already
built a mockup the case and reconfigured and painted the MDS keyboard I
found to match the prototypes.  I also got some 'natural' colored PCB stock
and etched some boards.  Pretty happy with the results.  Hard to tell if I
got the right color or not.. I notice in photos my boards look closer to the
color of the original than they appear to me 'in person'.


Anyway, I remember Nick Allen was kind enough to post that photo of his TVT
unit - I meant to ask at the time, are there any more pictures of it,
especially from underneath?  Or is there anyone else out there with photos
of original TVTs (not to be confused with the later CT1024)?  I'm finding
the few pictures I can find of assembled TVTs very valuable in answering
assembly and part questions.


The blog of my progress on my TVT is here for those interested:


Thanks again!


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