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lör 2016-07-09 klockan 13:04 +1000 skrev Doug Jackson: 
> Ummmmmm
> Weren't our computers designed before quality change control existed...
> (Duck)
> Doug

Umm, im reading James W Cortada's book Before The Computer.

The E Remington company got from 1865 far less custom from it's largest
customer,and so had to look after a new product.
E Remington company got access to a new product namely C Sholes's
typewriter and they definitely had the problems of manufacturing a lot
of tiny metallic parts (and some which was a bit larger) under control
including the necessary quality control.

They didn't know how to market the new thing so they took in the
services of a external partner.
After that they had the 3 of 4 requirements for a successful product: 
knowing how to produce it
knowing how to sale it
the unique product

They didn't have the captured market.

Of the early entrants (Cortada) into an market/industry the early ones
who meet the first 3 req usually ended up dominating the industry.

Unfortunately they gave up to early and sold the business to the
inventor. 2 years later 1874 or the sales started to explode.

So YES quality control is old hens toth except occasionaly someone
influential don't want it or don't understand why it is rather

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