Looking for old connectors

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Sun Jul 10 03:12:38 CDT 2016

Thanks for your help so far - I was able to find them at mouser:

> One is easy - J3 is a 2x10 pin 2.54mm connector which is still common today.
> But it is higher than the usual connectors. It has a hight of 1.5cm. If you
> search for the printed A-MP number (1-87456-6), you'll find the housing,
> but not the soldered clips used inside this housing....
> http://pics.pofo.de/gallery3/index.php/S8000/S8000_boards/FINCH-Adapter-Board/IMGP9593



> The next one is a power plug used on a CDC FINCH harddisk. The manual
> states, that the Connectors AMP 1-87270-1 or 3-87025-3 can be used.
> I guess this where connectors used with cables - but I need a connector
> which can be placed on a circuit board like this one:
> http://pics.pofo.de/gallery3/index.php/S8000/S8000_boards/FINCH-Adapter-Board/IMGP9587


> The next one is also a power plug - but I have no idea about its AMP
> number or something:
> http://pics.pofo.de/gallery3/index.php/S8000/S8000_boards/FINCH-Adapter-Board/IMGP9588
> http://pics.pofo.de/gallery3/index.php/S8000/S8000_boards/FINCH-Adapter-Board/IMGP9589
> http://pics.pofo.de/gallery3/index.php/S8000/S8000_boards/FINCH-Adapter-Board/IMGP9584
> Its counterpart is shown here and labled with AMP, but no number:
> http://pics.pofo.de/gallery3/index.php/S8000/S8000_case/Disk-Tape-Component/Secrets-S8000/DSCF0366

Found too without keying pin but this is not important as I don't need one.
The thing is - the connectors in my housing on the board are kinda  
simpl. The ones
at mouser seem to be kinda complex with some sort of locking mechanism  
- I'm not
sure I need those, but I'm not able to find simpler ones. Maybe the  
locking spring
can be removed by me before installing them in the housing? I need to  
be sure that
I can remove the board from the harddisk without such a locking  
mechanism preventing
me from doing so....



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