word processor history -- interesting article (Evan Koblentz)

Sean Conner spc at conman.org
Fri Jul 8 15:56:07 CDT 2016

It was thus said that the Great Chuck Guzis once stated:
> On occasion, I still use an editor that I wrote for CP/M and later
> ported to DOS.  11KB and it has lots of features that are peculiar to my
> preferences.  I'd thought about porting it to Linux, but currently, it's
> still in assembly and dealing with terminfo or curses is not something
> that I look forward to.  So I use Joe.

  I've come to the conclusion [1] that terminfo and curses aren't needed any
more.  If you target VT100 (or Xterm or any other derivative) and directly
write ANSI sequences, it'll just work.  It's a few lines of code to get the
current TTY (on any modern Unix system) into raw mode in order to read
characters [2].

  -spc (Of course, then you have to deal with escape sequences, which can
	get messy ... )

[1]	Bias most likely from my own usage.  Mileage may vary here on this
	list where all sorts of odd-ball systems are still in use 8-P

[2]	It's six lines to get an open TTY into raw mode, one line to restore
	upon exit.  Add in a few more lines to handle SIGWINCH (window
	resize).  *Much* easier than dealing with curses.

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