BASIC challenge on RetroBattlestations

Chris Osborn fozztexx at
Fri Jul 8 09:30:34 CDT 2016

July is BASIC Month and there's another challenge happening on RetroBattlestations. The type-in program for this challenge borrows a little bit of code from the very first BASIC challenge that I did. I've created a little "turtle graphics" type program that uses a stack based command interpreter. Right now the commands are very simple, pen up & down, move forward and turn. There's also looping to make it easy to create that spirograph effect that everyone loves to do!

This time around there's more than just the random winners for typing in the program as-is. I'll also be choosing two people who can add the most interesting features or port it to the most exotic hardware. So far there are not too many platforms that have been ported to, and the only features that anyone has added has just been random colorization.

You can check it out here:

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