Repairing a Supermicro P6DLF motherboard

Tothwolf tothwolf at
Wed Jul 6 19:03:00 CDT 2016

On Wed, 6 Jul 2016, Tothwolf wrote:
> On Tue, 5 Jul 2016, Tothwolf wrote:
>> The electrolytic capacitors on this particular board at locations CE1 and 
>> CE6 have Sanyo OS-CON 220uF 10V polymer parts (purple sleeve and appear to 
>> be 10SA220M) fitted and the solder work was done by hand. The joints were 
>> completely defluxed/cleaned, but the leads were hand sheared down into the 
>> solder joint. All of the other electrolytic capacitors on this board are 
>> Sanyo CG series 1000uF 16V (green) that were wave soldered.
>> I suspect two of the Sanyo CG series parts were replaced at some point by a 
>> prior owner with the SA series polymer parts. According to the SA series 
>> datasheet, the largest 10mm diameter part is 220uF 10V, which may be why 
>> those were installed. I haven't used one of these boards since the late 
>> '90s when I built a workstation with one, and I can't remember with 100% 
>> certainty that Supermicro didn't use a few polymer parts on these boards.
> I've been able to confirm that CE1 and CE6 on the
> P6DLH motherboard should be 1000uF 16V just like all the other Sanyo CG

   ^^^^^ P6DLF

> series capacitors on the board. I have no idea why someone replaced 
> those two on this particular board with 220uF 10V OS-CON polymer parts 
> (which are in parallel with other original 1000uF capacitors), but I'll 
> install the correct value for those two capacitors when I replace the 
> others.

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