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[glitches and inaccuracies]

It talks about Isaac Asimov being given a TRS80 in 1983, and even has a 
picture of a TRS80 model 1 (SAME picture as Wikipedia, without the 
correct monitor, and missing the CPU/EI cable and no drives).

In 1983, the model 1 had been discontinued for years, completely 
replaced by Model 3, so a model 1 was highly unlikely.
Yes, those of us who HAD model 1s still used them, but there were no new 

In fact, since the PC (5150) came out in August 1981, and by the end of 
the year had Wordstar, TRS80 model 1 seems highly unlikely.

And it wasn't 1983, either.

points to an Infoworld story in June 1982
wherein it is revealed that sometime prior to THAT, Radio Shack had given 
him a Model II (8" drive, "business" machine)
By September 1982, he was doing ads for Radio Shack.
says May, 1981.
It also says that he continued to use his TYPEWRITER for first drafts, and 
THEN re-entered into Scripsit.  (But it mentions not trusting 5.25" 
drives, and ModelII had 8"!)

Model II is way more likely.  You'd have to not only be as crazy, but also 
as stupid as I, to use a model 1 for book writing.

And 1982 is more credible.  It is the latest that a TRS80 would have been 
appealing enough.  By 1983, he would have gone PC.   By the end of  1984, 
Apple would have tried to grab him, with Macintosh.

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