Source for server lift/hoist?

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Tue Jul 5 02:31:05 CDT 2016

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> Jon wrote...
> ----
> The legs on my shop crane splay outward, so it should straddle a single
> cabinet, and be able to approach pretty close to the rack.  The boom, at
> extension come out almost to the front wheels.
> ----
> The true "server lift" devices I've used...  roll to the front of the rack
> "sideways". You do not NEED to slide anything "under the rack". Bolted to
> the floor racks are no problem. Also, the "table" can be cranked forward
> (sideways, actually) into the cabinet. Very easy and as I've gotten older
> that's important ;)

The one we had (and I assume they still have it), where I worked was wheeled
up sideways as well. It used a crank that drove a chain to raise and lower
the table.
The table didn't slide but our servers were on rails, which you fitted to
the rack first and then you could safely  slide the server into the rack.

> But alas... they cost a fortune.

Too True.

> J

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