Source for server lift/hoist?

Mon Jul 4 18:24:50 CDT 2016

harbor freight has some excellent  platform lift things...
worth checking....
we like things like this as   large TV studio cameras  weigh  100 to 200  
<<and one here is  300  (tk42)>>
when we get a caucus in and want to clean it up  and make it  presentable  
for display we like to work on it  at bench  height...
(once in a while it is  good  to raise a tape  drive   up in  the air  
<< I can't believe I used to grab a 7970E out of a rack... walk it  across 
the computer room and put in another  rack by my  more....  I 
just look at it in the rack and get tired  now!!>>>
In a message dated 7/4/2016 4:12:07 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time,  
elson at writes:

On  07/04/2016 05:57 PM, Noel Chiappa wrote:
> So there was some discussion  a while back about using lifts to put heavy 
> in racks. I'm going  to be doing some of that soon, and I was wondering 
how I'd
> go about  acquiring something like that at a non-exorbitant price? (eBait 
>  not useful, and Googling "user server lift" didn't produce anything  
I've used an "engine hoist" around the shop to move heavy  
stuff.  It has an extendable beam and a bottle jack to raise  
it.  It folds up into a pretty small package when not in  
use.  These can often be had pretty  cheaply.


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