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Sat Jul 2 23:31:42 CDT 2016

I would like that 6 proc black cube......ed sharpe

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On Sat, 2 Jul 2016, Jay West wrote:

> Ed wrote...
> ---------
> Not just any Packard Bell...  just this one.
> it  has a place  due to form and design, certainly not  performance.
> ---------
> IMOO.... no place at all. If it had some kind of cult following, or lots of
> people remembered it, maybe.
> But I doubt most people (let alone collectors) would look at that and say
> "oh, I've seen that before!".
> Now... maybe as an example of how hard mfg's tried to differential via
> terrible case designs... ;)

I think the same could probably be said for something like that 
6-processor Pentium Pro that was sold in the late 90s which had a black 
cube style case and a stand which allowed it to sit on its corner. Very 
unusual design with both the case and boards, but few people will have 
seen, let alone used one. As far as utility goes, they are just about 
worthless now, except to someone who wants to collect one for nostalgia 

I myself wouldn't mind finding a Packard Bell Legend I (Intel 80286) only 
because I once owned two of them (that were sold without my approval as a 
pair to someone for $100, including the VGA monitors). The same also goes 
for a Compaq Deskpro 386/20e (specifically the 'e' model) for similar 
reasons. Both machines are not something all that useful from a utility 
standpoint (I have dozens of late generation 486 and Pentium boards I 
could put in a case which would be far more useful) but would be fun to 
have just to tinker around with again.

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