Running CRTs without implosion protection glass

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Sat Jul 2 10:42:13 CDT 2016

> Depending on the metal being hit by electrons, it take a minimum level
> before Xray emission starts. As I recall, the regulator on a color TV
> was intended to keep it below that threshold.

The whole color TV xray scare was mostly just that - a scare. Even the
old "roundie" color sets did not pose a hazard under normal operating
conditions, but the scare was intense enough to cause the 3DR3 and
3DS3 tubes to appear for a very short time. They are now somewhat
scarce, so do not pitch any you find. The jacket on the tubes is a
lead impregnated rubber.

The issue is if the regulator stops working, then a set might go
haywire enough to cause x-rays to form - but in real life, this would
generally kill the whole set, or make it unwatchable enough that the
viewer would generally turn the set off.

So basically under freak conditions, some x-rays can be present.


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