Edinburgh folks heading for TNMoC, BP in Aug

Graham Toal gtoal at gtoal.com
Sat Jul 2 01:55:15 CDT 2016

Hi folks - if any of the folks I used to know are still on this list (Tony
Duell? Pete Turnbull? Jim Doran? Jules Richardson?), I just wanted to let
you know I'll be visiting TNMoC for the first time on 11th Aug.  I
mentioned this on the Edinburgh Computer History Project list and a few of
the old Edinburgh hands will be coming along to make a day trip of it.  If
anyone is going to be in the neighbourhood and wants to say hello while
we're there, let me know (or subscribe to our Yahoo group for updates)

We had an Edinburgh connection with BP through Donald Michie, and I believe
a bunch of our old computer center hardware (2976?) ended up in a shed at

Best regards,

(PS I was never gone, I just don't post much.)

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