Old ACM publications available for free (CACM, Surveys, TOCS, SIGOPS O.S. Review)

Paul McJones paul at mcjones.org
Sat Jan 31 12:51:04 CST 2015

I am offering (for free) ACM publications I’ve accumulated over 40+ years as a subscriber:

CACM (Communications of the ACM) 1967-2013
ACM Computing Surveys 1972-1997
SIGOPS Operating System Review 1972-2011
TOCS (ACM Transactions on Computer Systems) 1983-1991

In all, they fill about 7 file boxes. There are some gaps because I’ve already donated batches to ACM and the Computer History Museum to fill gaps in their archives.

I live in Mountain View, California, and it would be best if you could pick them up. If you’re willing to pay for postage and packaging, I could mail them media mail rate within the US.

Paul McJones

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