Tape Drive Capstans

Ali cctalk at fahimi.net
Fri Jan 30 19:36:44 CST 2015

> I guess creating a table for tubing diamaters that work with common
> pinch roller types would be a good thing. There are some rollers that
> may be difficult to do.

That would be a fantastic resource. However, as you mentioned there are many
models out there specially in the consumer space (e.g. all the Taravan
drives) and it may be very hard to accomplish. 

I am just shooting the breeze but many drives are just rebadges of other
drives (e.g. Connor T-stor/Seagate T-stor or IBM 6157/Cipher 540s) I wonder
how much sharing is there in the transport space? i.e. If different
models/brand used the same transport mechanism and same "off the shelf"
parts to save costs... That may reduce the chart size significantly.

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