Warren's 'VTserver'

Ian S. King isking at uw.edu
Fri Jan 30 09:34:29 CST 2015

I too have used VTserver many times.  It's a delightfully clever tool.  And
don't forget, that for PDP-8 there's David Gesswein's dumprest, which also
works very well.  I've used VTserver to build RK05s for Unix 6th Ed. on my
11/34 and dumprest to build RK05s for OS/8 on LCM's 8/e.

Jacob, I don't know why it would have hung for you unless the copy program
is buggered.  I used VTserver without modification and without problem.  --

On Fri, Jan 30, 2015 at 6:04 AM, Jay West <jwest at classiccmp.org> wrote:

> I have used it quite a bit, and it always "just worked" for me. Wonderful
> piece of software. I should do something similar for the 21MX :)
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> Has anyone used this software
> ftp://minnie.tuhs.org/pub/PDP-11/Vtserver/README against a real pdp11?
> I'm trying to use it to install a disk image on my 11/34, now, and after
> keying in the initial code, it appears to happily upload the first file
> (standalone 'copy') quite successfully, but then hangs.  Since Warren has
> no real pdp11s, I'm wondering if the emulators he used whilst authoring
> this VTserver do something different than a real '11 that keeps the program
> from proceeding.
> thx
> jake

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