strange number corruption on pdp11/34

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Thu Jan 29 12:38:52 CST 2015

    > From: Jacob Ritorto

    > I just need quite a lot of hand holding because I'm still way too green
    > with this stuff.

Hey, that's what this list is for, right? ;-)

    > put in the real numbers for address and csr for testing the drive ...
    > I'm going to do that next, here. ... the reason it prompts a zero
    > default is that it's a manifestation of the zero bug and that the real
    > value *is* actually safe but hidden in memory?

One other thing you could do that would be interesting: re-run the exact
same test, but with the good cards in the machine, and see if you still
get 0's printed, or if this time the correct numbers show up.

Of course, that won't definitely prove that the right numbers are actually
being used inside (in the case where it prints 0's), but it would certainly be


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