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Wed Jan 28 15:49:19 CST 2015

Regarding the remodelled Spectrum, it'd be awesome
to have access to 1,000 games so easily. I don't mind
it lacking a keyboard as long as it has a PS/2 or USB
connector so you can connect a modern keyboard to it.
(How else will you play the games in the absence of
a Kempston joystick?! Well... ok, I never had a
Kempston joystick, as I have a Sinclair one instead)

Andrew B
aliensrcooluk at

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Not my thing really, but of interest to some here I expect (pardon if I
missed it and it's already been mentioned on the list):
"Remodelled ZX Spectrum production set to begin"

Also, not especially computers, but:
"Why can't we let go of our old tech?"

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