Seeking an ECL monitor (preferably for a dimple-top Sun base) and Sun 3 Keyboard and Mouse

Jochen Kunz jkunz at
Tue Jan 27 14:54:26 CST 2015

Am 27.01.15 um 21:15 schrieb Ian Finder:
> I fear, however, that this is a greyscale monitor designed to work with one
> channel on a *color* Sun 3 framebuffer, and not necessarily a monochrome
> ECL output.
Most likely. The Sun ECL monitors I came across had DE9 or 13W3 inputs.
Also note that the ECL signal is differential / symmetrical. This
doesn't fit well to a BNC plug.

Once I owned a Sun gray scale monitor. It used a 13W3 connector. It came
together with a SBus BW2. The later was available with DE9 ECL and 13W3
analog output. But I used it with a CG6...


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