ROM Dump Intellec/8 for 8008

Al Kossow aek at
Tue Jan 27 08:17:52 CST 2015

On 1/26/15 8:47 PM, Bill Degnan wrote:
> I just dumped and posted on my web site an 8008 (inverted) monitor ROM for
> the Intellec/8.  It starts at 3800H and came from 8 1702A's on an Intel IMM
> 6-26 Prom card.  I don't think it's for the 8080 even though this PROM card
> was used on both 8080 and 8008 Intellec's.  I will post updates to this
> thread, after I invert the code and check the actual instructions.  Anyone
> interested to check or use it before I do, be my guest -
> Bill
the link is bad

it should be

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