RA81 removal

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Sun Jan 25 15:49:47 CST 2015

Hi Noel,

hehe, I had exactly the same problems a year ago and also found all this information on how to install the RA8x drive, but not how to _uninstall_ it :)
You actually have to unskrew four screws which hold the slides against the chassis. Two screws on each side, if I recall corretly. Not sure on the exakt total amount of screws anymore, though. The slides are hold by brackets, so the slides are completely removed from the drive's chassis.



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> So, does anyone know how to take an RA81 on slides _out_ of the cabinet? The
> manual gives a lot of directions on how to _install_ it, but nothing on how to
> _remove_ one once one has it in.
> I had to take a pair of RA81's out of some cabinets, and I could not for the
> life of me find the trick! I finally resorted to undoing the two machine
> screws that hold the slides onto the RA81 case, which I consider sort of
> cheating (although from looking at that manual, that may be the correct,
> official way...)
>      Noel

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