HP tape drive novel repair

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Sat Jan 24 14:10:10 CST 2015

> My thought (given there’s not a shortage of open space inside the chassis)
> was to put a car jack inside and jack it up thus pushing out the top. My
> concern there was that there would be an “equal and opposite reaction”).
> Perhaps a 2x4 that goes side to side under the jack would alleviate this.
> But on freenode #classiccmp (where I hang out pretty much every night),
> PJustice and Sark both had similar ideas for an alternative approach that
> took advantage of the fact that the top of the chassis has a lot of vent
> holes on top. I implemented their approach and it worked very well so I
> thought I’d document it with pictures and post here. I should note that this
> approach only works because the angle iron I used was 14ga. Anything less
> would just bend itself.

Bed-frame angle iron is much more rigid than perforated or slotted angle

Harbor Freight sells 4-ton and 10-ton "porta-power" hydraulic units.
(pump, rams, extensions, variety of endpieces, etc.)
I have a 10-ton kit if anybody in the Berkeley area needs one.

I might still have a slide-hammer or two.

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