calling all HP7970 tape owners....

Al Kossow aek at
Fri Jan 23 08:13:56 CST 2015

On 1/23/15 4:26 AM, Jay West wrote:
> Marc wrote...
> ----
> [snip] How the hell does the darn bracket work? You'd attach the bracket
> first to the rack, then slide in the drive and screw it in to the bracket
> *from the inside* of the opened unit, while delicately balancing 130 pounds
> of tape drive? Yikes!
> ----
> Yep.

This is exactly the way that Kennedy 9000 tape drives mount as well.
I wonder who copied who.

Pertec is similar WRT hanging from pegs, but they are castings which have the
nasty habit of cracking.

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