calling all HP7970 tape owners....

Marc Verdiell marc.verdiell at
Fri Jan 23 02:32:34 CST 2015

Gee, my 7970E is still on a dolly. And definitely no bracket came with mine.
I hadn't realized I needed one. Looking at this monster drive, there is a
lip on the right side that you can access only if you swivel out the whole
front panel that holds the tape mechanism, as if you were servicing the
unit. That lip has the holes for mounting on the rack. So far so good. On
the left side though, there is just the hinges that allows the
aforementioned panel to swivel out. Right where the rack mounting holes
should be. No access there to screw anything! How the hell does the darn
bracket work? You'd attach the bracket first to the rack, then slide in the
drive and screw it in to the bracket *from the inside* of the opened unit,
while delicately balancing 130 pounds of tape drive? Yikes!

I think I am just saying I might need one bracket ;-)


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Ok, just making sure there wasn't some way to do it without the bracket that
I was overlooking. While I do have brackets for all mine, I am sure that at
some point I will get a unit I don't have a bracket for so I was
investigating having "modern brackets" made as a "just in case". If there
was in fact no obvious other way to mount them - I figured people may want
me to get more than one made. Speak up quickly if you need one....


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