HP16500B Logicanalyzator on ebay

Marc Verdiell marc.verdiell at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 01:54:26 CST 2015

I can speak for the seller SVC, they are local to me and I have visited them
several times. I have bought quite a bit from them, including HP equipment
(my HP8566 spectrum analyzer in particular). They are a real, rather large
business, very professional, reasonably priced, not your average ebay
seller. They will accept reasonable best offers (all of mine have been
accepted). All I have had from them was in superior condition and worked. I
have no affiliation with them. Just a satisfied repeat customer.


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Wrong side of the pond.

Seller is also offering a lot of Tek scopes, Kaypro and some other
interesting equipment.

Had a Convex SPP1200CD - also wrong side of the pond - I'd have love to get
the board, even the Vicor DC-DC converter on the boards....

-- Andreas

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