calling all HP7970 tape owners....

Jay West jwest at
Thu Jan 22 07:39:25 CST 2015

Need input from anyone that has a HP7970 tape drive mounted in a rack.


Fortunately, all my 7970's have come with the special mounting bracket. This
is not a part of the 7970 itself. It is a long flat metal bar that mounts on
the left of the rack. It bolts in from the front, and provides threaded
holes on the side further back in the rack. While the right side of the 7970
is bolted into the rack from the front, on the left side - you open the
chassis and bolt from inside the chassis on the left wall into the threaded
holes provided by this mounting bracket.


Given that, it would appear to me that mounting a 7970 WITHOUT that special
mounting bracket would not be easily done. I'd like to know if anyone has
mounted a 7970 in a rack without said bracket and if so - how did they do
it? Since I've always used HP racks and the special 7970 mounting bracket my
experience is probably blinded, but I don't see a way to do it without the





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