found 8"floppies

Simon Claessen simski at
Wed Jan 21 11:36:58 CST 2015

hello all,

received a box with a shugart 800-2 drive and some 8" floppies 
containing IBM system/1 software and one from intel with ISIS-II

is this already online available or should I try to make images of them?

ibm disks:

rps pascal (2 of 2
ptf 5719-pc6-brg1 (2of 2)
s1-IWSRPS-RPS-VOL (1 of 1)
rps data entry system (5 of 5)
s/1 rps realtime pgmm sys v6 (1 of 1)
rps index acces method v2 (2of2)
s/1 rps realtime pgmm sys v6 (disks 21-24 of 24)
refresh-01-sm1 (1of1)
rps pgm preparation subsys v (disk 24 of 28)

the isis-II is version 3.4
Met vriendelijke Groet,

Simon Claessen

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