Data Products 2230 manual - desperation....

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Wed Jan 21 09:35:32 CST 2015

I have a .pdf of "Model 2230 line printer technical manual : Volume 1 , (Order no. DPC241735H)  /‡Dataproducts Corporation, 1979."

General description -- installation -- Controls and indicators -- Operating procedures -- Theory of operation -- Maintenance and adjustments -- Options -- Logic diagrams -- Parts lists and drawings.
This technical manual describes the Model 2230 Line Printer manufactured by Dataproducts corporation.
The printer is designed to produce a hard-copy printout when operated on-line with a digital data system. Reliable and high quality impact line printing is provided at 300 lines per minute in 136 columns.
Scan and printout from fiche. Scan is not in page number order. Rough but usable.

Reply with a good email address to cyndem at and I'll send it to you.


Cynde Moya, MLIS, PhD
Living Computer Museum
Vulcan Inc.

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Hi again,

no one has that manual part one?!?
I'm getting depressed :-(

Nobody has an idea who could have it?



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