HP tape drive novel repair

Mike Stein mhs.stein at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 12:23:42 CST 2015

And what about us HP-IL folks ?

JK ;-)

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> Mike wrote...
> ----
> I'm one of those folks.  I'm more interested in later OS, and HPIB
> peripherals are what I worked with on the HP 3000 systems.
> ----
> And therein lies the issue making it a more daunting task. If someone
> designs a replacement that is HPIB, the 2000/Access people are left out. 
> If
> someone designs a replacement that is for the prior generation (7905, 06,
> 25M, etc.) then the HP-IB users are left out which makes the target 
> "market"
> smaller (in either scenario) and less people contributing to the "kit".
> BUT... asking someone to design one that handles BOTH probably makes it a
> far more daunting task and thus leaves those with the skillset to do it 
> less
> interested!
> ----
> Plus, I wouldn't need a 13037C to control a 7925M.  :-)
> ----
> Mike, I have a spare 13037C or two... come, to the dark side... LOL
> J

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