Genrad/Futuredata and HP 64000/64700 documentation

Al Kossow aek at
Wed Jan 21 12:01:52 CST 2015

Thanks to Lyle mentioning Manuals Plus, I acquired all of the docs that they still had
on the Futuredata 2300, which is now up under

If anyone still has a 2300, 01, or 02 I would like to archive the prom and floppies from them.

I've also been working through or rescanning at a higher resolution, 64100/110 docs. Information
on the 64120/64000-UX system would be interesting to find. In addition I've made progress on the
64700A/B. There is very little information on the earlier 64700A on line. Surviving software for
those emulators would be good to find. I did pick up a B3763-14604 CD from 1997 which appears to
have the PC version of the software (and the flash files). We'll see what happens when I try to
get a 68030 pod working on a 64700B that had a 68332 pod on it.

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