MEM11 Status Update

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Tue Jan 20 12:20:53 CST 2015

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    > From: Henk Gooijen

    > but RP11 will never be possible, isn't that MASSBUSS!?

Maybe you're thinking of the RH70, the MASSBUS <-> PDP-11/70 memory bus
interface? But there was also the RH11, a MASSBUS <-> UNIBUS interface, 
supported all the same devices (RP04-6, etc) as the RH70, but plugged into a
UNIBUS. (The two were programming-wise almost identical, the RH70 had an 
register for the extended memory address bits, plus a 'CSR3'.)

But I was speaking of the RP11, a UNIBUS interface for the RP03 (different
beast from the RH11, although very similar).


Ahhh, thanks Noel. My goof up. I associate anything "RP<whatever>"
with MASSBUS devices. I even wrote "BUS" with double S. Clearly a case
of finger movement on the keyboard before enabled brain activity ;-)
I have both RH11 (on my 11/35) and RH70 interfaces on my /70, but I
never saw any RPxx drive in real life :-/

- Henk, PA8PDP

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