Still seeking 3B2 information

Alan Hightower alan at
Tue Jan 20 07:24:34 CST 2015


Yes thank you Al. Those have been a huge help in understanding the
Common I/O design most of the peripheral cards were built around. 

To shadow Seth's request, I'm looking for a few card ROMs I do not have.
Specifically if anyone has ROMs for the following 3B2 cards: 

CM195A NI Network Interface (10Mb Ethernet AUI)
CM195AE SPSC Gen. Purpose Synchronous Controller
CM195W SCSI SCSI controller
CM195T ISC Intelligent Serial Controller
CM195K XDC Expansion Disk Controller
FXM Fiber eXpansion Module
CM195AC/AD DKIT "Datakit" fiber-optic card 

I would really appreciate a dump. One of my goals is to work towards a
hardware emulation project of one or more of those cards. eg NI -> WiFi
or 100BaseT, SCSI, XDC, or CTC to SD card or USB host, PORTS/EPORTS to
USB virtual com port. 

I'm been staring at 80186 ROM dumps from the CTC, PORTS, EPORTS, and NAU
over that last few days. Even though they are all based on the same
(horrible) software framework, it would be nice to have a few more for


On 2015-01-19 15:03, Al Kossow wrote: 

> On 1/19/15 11:45 AM, Seth Morabito wrote:
>> Implementing the WE32100 core has been thanks to the processor manual and assembly language manuals that are available on BitSavers, but outside of the CPU, virtually all of my understanding of the 3B2's architecture has come from studying the ROMs and the SYSVR3 source code.
> What about the two documents I just uploaded?
> [1]


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