Data Products 2230 manual?

Philipp Hachtmann hachti at
Tue Jan 20 04:17:58 CST 2015

Hi folks,

my Data Products 2230 drum printer recently stopped working. The trouble 
began a few years ago: Startup went wrong from time to time so that the 
printer control logic was stuck after power on. Repowering helped. But 
now it does not help anymore.

I found the DP2230 service manual 2 on bitsavers. It contains the 
machine's schematics. That already helped me to trace the problem - a 
bit. It looks like the buffer/interface logic does mad stuff.
At this point it gets quite difficult to understand the logic without 
any explanation.

Does anyone have the service manual part ONE? I assume that this 
contains info about state machines, test points and procedures, 
explanations etc.

A (probably pdf) copy of that manual would help me a lot. I would very 
much appreciate to get hold of it.

Kind regards

Philipp :-)

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