IBM Mainframe/Peripherals on eBay...

jwsmobile jws at
Mon Jan 19 19:05:20 CST 2015

On 1/19/2015 4:40 PM, Ali wrote:
> >There's what looks to be a nice collection of IBM Mainframe goodies on
He listed the bays as "9309" which is the part number for the bays.

I sent back that he needed to get the actual panels back up and 
photograph them.

I just saw a bunch of DASD, and a storage director.  By my recollection 
the box with the numbers and DXX number on it is a storage director for 
some number of strings of DASD.

The actual mainframe lurking inside is most likely 9370, or 9221 type 

I also alerted him to be very careful to preserve the extra 'pc" systems 
as they would be HMC consoles for the system.

Many scrapped Z systems were rendered much harder to get going because 
someone would swipe the Thinkpad out of the back that did the same thing 
for later boxes.


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