Shipping antique computers

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sat Jan 17 12:28:53 CST 2015

    > From: Guy Sotomayor


Doesn't work (for me) as a deep link; I had to go through:


I have to say, you've probably made 99.9% of the list green with envy with
those photos... :-)

    > I've shipped stuff with both "white glove" movers and just regular
    > freight companies. ... It all depends upon what you're moving and how
    > it's packed for shipping. If you don't have it packed/packaged, then
    > "white glove" is the way to go especially if it's just "big stuff".

More importantly, I'm not sure the commercial people will _take_ stuff unless
it's on a pallet.

I originally tried to ship a group of DEC corporate cabinets (with stuff in
them - ~400 lbs per) via non-white-glove people. (I didn't care if things got
dinged a bit during shipping, and hey, it was on wheels, right? And although I
didn't have a loading dock, they said they could send a lift-gate truck, and I
was happy with kerb-side delivery.) Then they found out it wasn't on pallets,
and they wouldn't take it; I then had to switch to a white-glove firm.

And that's when I got the bad news - it cost twice as much, for the same
volume/weight. (They send a team, not just one driver.) So white-glove has a
major downside, IMO.


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