Paper tape standard

Chris Elmquist chrise at
Fri Jan 16 19:05:26 CST 2015

Couldn't you make the punch these days with a row of lasers?  or maybe a single laser that sweeps across the tape laterally?

Bonus because there wouldn't be any of that messy chad left.  It'd just be up in smoke, so to speak :-) 


On January 16, 2015 2:09:32 PM CST, tony duell <ard at> wrote:
>>     OBA! I'm crazy for creating a paper reader/perfurator! :D This is
>an old
>> dream of mine, although I have no specific computers who use it, nor
>> specimen of perfored tape around. But I find it to be just beautiful
>The reader is relatively easy to make at home, at least if you are
>happy with a 
>photoelectric one. If you trigger off the feed holes, you don't need a
>drive, a capstan and pnch roller is fine. This is the sort of thing you
>can make 
>in a good home workshop.
>The punch is a lot harder. Making the punch pins and die block, and
>correctly grinding and hardening the former is not going to be easy. 
>Mechanically the rest may not look too hard (the Facit 4070 used a set 
>of rotary solenoids and linkages, one per pin), but it is still a major

Chris Elmquist

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