FTGH: Pioneer DRM-602X 6-CD changer

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Fri Jan 16 17:35:38 CST 2015

>> I have this six-disc CD changer by Pioneer
> I am interested in your changer.

Doh!  I should have given the +1 613 482 0910 phone number as an
alternative way to reach me.

> This is probably what Jay got back.

> >>> mouse at rodents-montreal.org  (reading BANNER): 550-Not interested in mail from somewhere whose webmail system
> 550-doesn't record the client IP address in a proper
> 550-Received: from $IPADDR ... with HTTP

Maybe.  (That's actually missing at least one line, note.)  Do you
know, do you use the same provider Jay does?  Looking at the records,
there are some half-dozen providers that could be what's behind that.
Could you, maybe, try mouse at netbsd.org and/or mouse at openface.ca, or the

> Perhaps you can open a gmail throwaway account?

Gmail has the dubious distinction of being the sender that has earned
the most stringent blocking I've ever put up.
(ftp.rodents-montreal.org:/mouse/misc/google-block.txt has the story in
case anyone's interested.)  Not that that's directly relevant to the
question, except to the extent it indicates the high regard in which I
don't hold them.

> Not sure what your means are.  I have several in case I need to get
> around problems like this.  And Google does allow you to use your
> email client via pop and imap.

But (a) it still means being willing to tolerate Google, and (b) even
if it permits use of POP and/or IMAP to fetch mail, it still requires
use of some God-damned Web crap to set it up.

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