Updated Spacewar for the PDP-8/I, 8/E, etc....

Lyle Bickley lbickley at bickleywest.com
Fri Jan 16 15:43:48 CST 2015

I just updated D.E. Wrege's Spacewar as follows:

1. Correctly supports slow monitors attached to a VC8/E interface by
correcting mistakes made in the VC8/E driver code. The code now follows
DEC's recommended method of waiting on the VC8/E.

2. Starts up with spaceships (as opposed to UFO's) per the original
Spacewar! by Steve Russell.

3. Now supports the DK8-EC Crystal Clock

Items 1 & 2 were released by me previously - but support for the
DK8-EC is brand new.

The new source and listing can be picked up via anonymous FTP to
bickleywest.com and the pdp8_spcwar directory.

Most browsers (not IE) will support this:

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