SimH Help, was Re: Announcing TCP/IP for RSX-11M-PLUS

Johnny Billquist bqt at
Thu Jan 15 22:44:03 CST 2015

On 2015-01-16 05:39, Kyle Owen wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 9:47 PM, Johnny Billquist <bqt at> wrote:
>> There have been lots of positive comments, and obviously some people have
>> even tested using the software.
> I shall echo the sentiments of others; thanks for releasing this!
> So - same as before. Disk image and tape image are available at
>> Madame.Update.UU.SE. Use anonymous ftp.
>> Disk image is also available at
>> .
>> The disk image is a virtual RL02 disk. Can be used with any emulator, or
>> also directly inside RSX if you have virtual devices available.
> Johnny, you mentioned you're running under E11. Has anyone tried it under
> SimH yet? I put together an 11/70 1MB system under the PDP-11 emulator
> (built with Ethernet support under OS X 10.9) and have installed
> RSX-11M-PLUS 4.6. When I was installing, SYSGEN reported 512k of RAM
> instead of 1M, which alarmed me. I went into manual mode and told it
> explicitly 1M. That's been my only hiccup so far, and that's about where
> I'm at. If anyone has any suggestions for a newcomer to RSX, I'd certainly
> appreciate it. I'd be more than willing to write up a tutorial if someone
> can help me the rest of the way.

I've done development and testing on three different machines.

1) E11 - Emulating an 11/74 - to make sure the code also works on 
multiprocessor PDP-11s.
2) Simh - Emulating a 11/94.
3) A real PDP-11/93.

As for memory, I hope you are aware that RSX reports memory in 
kilowords, not kilobytes. :-)

But anyway, why not go for a fully loaded machine when you have the 
chance? Slightly less than 4MB, or 2MW.


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