IBM System/36 follow up

Hector Saint-Prix tots at
Thu Jan 15 17:20:37 CST 2015

Hi everyone,

Back to you guys with a small gallery of pictures of the machine via 
Dropbox. It is a 5360 system ( 1m³ / 700 pounds), with french labeled 
panel. I have not tried to open its guts yet.

The system is located in Martinique (French West Indies).
It had only one owner, a Medical Laboratory that bought it between 
1985-1987 I think and used it on a network with at least 4 maybe 5 
terminals and a printer. The system used a software sold by a Paris 
based company that still exist and keeps on selling software solutions 
on AS/400 architecture. The Laboratory migrated to new hardware. Later 
it moved and left the 5360 in the old place.
I have no clue about the configuration but I know it had a hard drive 
and it supported floppy disk banks.

 From what I've been told, there is no way it can shipped by boat to 
North America. Simply because you have to fill up a container to be able 
to make a cargo shipment, and very very few stuff goes this direction so 
it would take a long while before fullfilling the requirement. The only 
easy shipping option to North-America is by airplane which is quite a 
proposition for a 1m³ / 320kg box.
To send it as a whole to Europe instead is quite easy. There is freight 
boarding every week and containers are on heavy rotation.
Shipping to the main port destination which is "Le Havre, France" would 
in the vinicity of 500 euros, though some taxes in arrival are to be 
expected (20% on the items value).

I will search the place so more, maybe I can find some documentation.

Truly Yours,


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