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Thu Jan 15 10:23:05 CST 2015

Look, I basically let this go yesterday night. All I did was (1) call out
some specious hand-waving about how insecure Mediawiki is and my perceived
implication in that statement that, by endorsing Mediawiki or administering
a Mediawiki I am not a security-conscious admin and (2) offer up free Wiki
and static-Web hosting services to other hobbyists on this list.

You can read yourself all the threads and decide for yourself, if they were
being written to you, would you find them offensive? I know I wasn't the
only one who found it a little bit over the top. Jay had many literary
mechanisms available that he could have used to make his points; I found
the ones he selected in particular to be offensive.

I will absolutely rise to it if someone wants to come at me, I guess if
that makes me thin-skinned, so be it, I will wear that badge. I learned how
to deal with bullies long ago. If I had responded to someone else like Jay
responded to me, I would have been pilloried. He doesn't get a free pass
with me just by being the list owner although it's well within his rights
to ask me to leave or kick of me off (neither have happened, so, hey, good
sports, I guess).

Last response from me regarding any of this nastiness from yesterday. If
you or anyone else wants to chat further regarding this topic you're
welcome to shoot me a personal e-mail.



On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 2:02 AM, Mike Stein <mhs.stein at> wrote:

> What Jay said:
> "I'm happy to host any website, ftp site, wiki, etc. etc. that is classic
> computer related. As long as it meets that criteria, you can host your site
> with us for no charge." and "I fully support you offering (free) hosting
> services for vintage computer stuff. I am glad there are people out there
> besides just me willing to host classic computer related sites"
> And for newcomers he offered some background on the system which hosts this
> list and a number of related web sites, mainly to reassure us that we don't
> have to worry about uptime, speed, capacity or it disappearing any time
> soon
> as so many other sites are doing these days.
> At least that's what I read; where did you read anything like what you're
> replying to below?
> ... "Jay's the only person allowed to respond" ??
> ... "everything you are running is a joke, waste of time" ??
> ... "personal attack against me and my level of skill" ??
> ... "I will leave if asked" ??
> Huh?
> As a matter of fact I can't think of any time when someone has not been
> "allowed to respond" to anything on this list, not even I when I've gone on
> too long with some rant or another (like this one ;).
> Where does this come from? Why are some people so ready and almost
> determined to see /personal/ attacks where nothing of the sort is intended
> and that no one else reading the thread can see, especially when the
> original post is actually meant in a positive sense?
> I was recently banned from another list, apparently because a moderator
> inexplicably took offence at a post of mine thanking him for expanding on a
> reply from another member to a question I'd asked; I was gratified to
> receive a number of emails off-list from members just as puzzled as I as to
> what my 'crime' had been.
> (BTW, in case you're interested: the /V(erify) option in DOS copy commands
> really does NOT actually verify that the file has been correctly copied,
> just that there were no write errors ;)
> We're all in this to help and respect each other, so let's read/think twice
> before deciding that we've been attacked or insulted and responding
> inappropriately.
> And while I'm at it, let me thank Jay, Chuck, Al, Tony, Terry and all the
> other folks whom I've inadvertently overlooked for the (computer) time,
> knowledge, hard- and software, documentation etc. etc that they've freely
> donated and shared with the rest of our little community.
> Thanks!!
> m
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>  Wha? All I did was offer up some free space, bandwidth and static IPs when
>> various people expressed a need.
>> I didn't realize that Jay was the only person allowed to respond to those
>> kind of requests here so I'll say no more when such threads come up and
>> I'll leave it to him.
>> I don't understand why my just offering up some free hosting got Jay so
>> worked up where he needs to come in here and basically say, hey,
>> everything
>> you are running is a joke, waste of time... and, I mean, fine, you can
>> have
>> your own opinion of my home network, but I felt his messages ran deeper as
>> a personal attack against me and my level of skill as a professional
>> sysadmin.
>> If this list were running on my machines, the first thing I'd tell you is
>> that you don't owe me a darn thing for doing it.
>> I will leave if asked, after all, I guess it's Jay's sandbox.
>> Best,
>> Sean
>> On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 5:47 PM, geneb <geneb at> wrote:
>>  On Wed, 14 Jan 2015, js at wrote:
>>>  What does *PLONK* mean?   I keep seeing that here.
>>>>  It's the sound an email address makes when it strikes the inside of the
>>> killfile. :)
>>> A killfile is a thing that holds email addresses.  When an inbound email
>>> finds a match in the killfile, it's simply dropped on the floor and never
>>> delivered.
>>> g.
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