Mauchly video uploaded

Evan Koblentz evan at
Wed Jan 14 23:55:55 CST 2015


Very exciting news to share tonight.

Al Katz and Sol Libes, who co-founded the Trenton Computer Festival 
based on Roger Amidon's idea, gave we "MARCHins" permission to publish 
their video of ENIAC's John Mauchly keynoting the 1977 show. It was the 
first TCF keynote: there wasn't one at the 1976 show.

Claude Kagan (a Western Electric engineer who also ran a 1960s/1970s 
high school computer club here in central New Jersey) gave the 
introduction. There are also remarks by Kay Mauchly, who was an ENIAC 
programmer, followed by some audience Q&A.

A few minutes of the video are choppy due to the original source.

Please share this far and wide!

Video is in two parts so here's the playlist:

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