front panel LED help sought

Jay West jwest at
Wed Jan 14 15:34:12 CST 2015

Yep, I'm still working on "restoration" of the Microdata Reality.


I say "restoration", because due to another restoration project that
actually has a deadline, I only have time to clean up the microdata and
repair just obvious visual brokenness, not actually start testing/repairing
it electronically. That will come after the "deadline project" J


As most know, schematics and detailed documentation are nonexistent for this


I've done the rack, the disc drive, the tape drive, and the power supply. On
to the last item, the front panel.


Virtually all of the LED's on the front panel board had so much mouse pee
that the leads on the LEDS actually corroded through, so I need to replace
them all.


Without schematics, can anyone suggest how I might go about determining a
suitable replacement LED from an electrical perspective?


Pictures at





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