Restoration technique [Was: Re: Bay Area: IBM 4341 and HP3000]

Jay West jwest at
Wed Jan 14 15:01:01 CST 2015

Sean wrote...
Hey, if you want to monopolize hosting anything under *, I assume that's your domain so that's certainly your right. Won't keep me from offering my services to the public, though. Maybe I could just register a new domain, or something and we could all use that.
Monopolizing my own domain? This is not a response I'd expect for a service I provide gratis.

But regardless, you are certainly free to monopolize your domain, servers, and bandwidth. Wish the sentiment was bidirectional.

But let me be clear... I fully support you offering (free) hosting services for vintage computer stuff. I am glad there are people out there besides just me willing to host classic computer related sites. I will also continue to offer commercial grade hosting to any classic computer related website for free. I do think it's a nice benefit that many of the classic computer related repositories (bitsavers, cpmarchive, trs80, etc) are hosting on the classiccmp server where they are all backed up together and such.


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